Demonstration Media Storage System (active 2014-2016)

Software: Cut'n'Mix, Robocollage, Wizzypage
Videos: The Video Trilogogy featuring original exerimental impressionist video footage by C.P.Bryan and soundtrack music from Free Soundtrack Music:

Franchising Your Dreams, Pink Fruit Crystal, Disenfranchisement

Software, Music Albums and Other Releases from C.P.Bryan / InterAnnex

cutnmix application icon Cut'n'Mix Postmodern Word Processor
("cut-up", "mixing", "word randomization")
The intention was to create the same kind of look-and-feel you might find in a 4-track audio cassette recorder but with the capability to mix text instead of sound. Subsequent versions added word shredding and gluing, morphing, swapping, random word fill, web page fill and a custom wordbook function to allow users to store their own word databases. Version 5.3 added a new section called ROBOPOEM which uses poetry-generating algorithms to rearrange user text into robotic poetry.
robocollage application icon Robocollage Automatic Collage Generator ("Robots", "collage", "postmodern art", "postmodern artists", "digital art", "cybernetic art")
This application automatically assembles a random selection of words and images from a preloaded, embedded database. There are options for font, background color selection in addition to controls for which pools of images or text to randomly draw from. Users can store their own GIF images to the embedded database. Version 1.1 also provides a snapshot function where firefox users can do a "grab" of the currently displayed robocollage and store it to a JPG file.
Apparatus With Instructions
The "Apparatus With Instructions" album from Lowther & Bryan is a collection of hard-edged electronic music compositions. Often experimental and always possessing some degree of digital sweat and grit, these tracks represent the bleeding edge of new wave punk synthetic stylings. This album has been discontinued, but most of the tracks are still available in the Experimental Category of the Free Soundtrack Music Library.

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